Struggle With Your IPad No More Thanks To This Article

It is amazing the advances in technology over recent years. From computers which took up an entire room in the past, to cell phones which now let you connect to the Internet, technology just improves every day. The iPad is part of this progress as the advice here will let you in on all of its secrets.

You can reboot the iPad when it freezes by doing a soft reset if it freezes. This will restart your device to restart. If you need to close an app, hold only the home button.

Is there anything more annoying than accidentally launching a noisy app? Press volume down feature until you get to mute.The lock button can also be configured to mute button as well.

If you want to stream movies, listen to music and play games on your iPad, consider that your battery life will be much shorter. One way to extend the life of your battery charge is to adjust the screen brightness. It is unlikely that you will prefer the brightest setting and the improvement will be worth it.

Don’t use the iPhone charger for your iPad if you don’t have enough time. The wattage requirement than the iPhone (10 watts compared to 5 watts). Charging your iPad with the incorrect charger will end up taking nearly twice as long. You would be better off using the charger that came with the iPad.

If you store confidential data on your iPad, set the password to delete your personal data if someone enters the wrong password over and over. This will get rid of everything on your phone after someone has tried and failed 10 times in a row.

The iPad also has a speech dictation. Just press home button and you’ll then want to tap the little microphone icon. After you finish speaking, you can hit the icon once again and text will start appearing.

Folders are available in today’s iOS. Start by tapping and holding your finger on the app you desire. It will begin to jiggle. Then you can drag it onto another icon and release it. Your iPad will then create a folder with both apps. The folder will show the name representing the category associated with those apps. You can easily rename your folder.

From those room-filling computers to tiny cell phones, and everything in between, we truly have a ton of choice when it comes to computing today. Choosing the iPad also means you need to continually update your own knowledge. This article can serve as a starting point to learn about your iPad.

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