“Star-Lord’s dark history has been revealed! Comic book actors support also useless, married to Schwarzenegger’s daughter is also a mistake?


Recently, Chris Pratt, who played Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, was in trouble. Chris Pratt is in trouble! He was sarcastically criticized as the worst “Chris”, his black history was revealed, and he was asked to “get out” of the entertainment industry. Even though a number of comic book actors support, netizens still do not buy it.


Chris Pratt


The thing is, Marvel’s biggest stars gathered to make a party to support Biden, fundraising at the same time to create momentum. However, only “Star-Lord” was absent and was considered a Trump supporter, and the Internet exploded.


Then, netizens made a “One has to go” campaign, which translates to Chris exit circle voting.


We know that Hollywood has the famous four Chris, the Marvel Cinematic Universe accounted for three, respectively, “Thor” Chris Hemsworth, “Thor” Chris Hemsworth, “Chris” Hemsworth, “Chris” Hemsworth, “Chris” Hemsworth. Hemsworth, “Captain America” Chris Evans, and “Star Lord” Chris Evans. Evans, “Star Lord” and DC’s Chris Pine. Pine.

Due to the “position” problem, Star-Lord was elected with high votes and was asked to withdraw from the circle!

Do not forget that the Internet has a memory, when the wall fell, Star-Lord black history was picked up.

These include the actress Ellen. Peggy publicly accused Star-Lord of being anti. The rainbow circle of people, although orientation and emotional topics are more private, but so “zzz incorrect” controversy, but also angered the special groups.

In addition, the abandonment of cats has resurfaced. The cat was given away just because it was old and difficult to serve, which was considered irresponsible and again offended a group of pet lovers.



The actor also abandoned his wife, Anna Faris, after he became popular. The company is also known for its “love of pets”. Schwarzenegger, accused of “scum” man. Look as if the “crime” is not much, but can not help the serious nature.

The “Hulk” and “Iron Man” finally could not bear to be angry with their friends, have come down to the field in solidarity, to support the character of Chris.


Uncle Mark and Robert Jr. Donnie said that he knows Chris is a very positive energy, know how to be grateful for the man. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not very fond of making political comments in public.

Nini is also angry dislike of netizens, if you have an opinion about Chris, then you delete the number, which cool where to stay.

I have to say that the friendship between the comic book actors is quite moving, but, netizens still do not buy.

Regardless of his kong with, abandonment of those things, let’s say “support who” problem.

A part of the netizens think that Star Lord is very cunning, not publicly stand in line to take a stand, afraid to turn the car later to hit the face, by the fans to settle accounts after the fall. It is better to keep silent to protect yourself, so that Biden and Trump supporters he does not offend, stifling a great deal of money.

Another part of the netizens think, are married to the Kennedy family descendants, still good to pretend not to ask the world’s silly white sweet?


Whatever the viewpoint, it is believed that Chris is pretending to be confused.

I am wondering, is it wrong to marry Schwarzenegger’s daughter?


Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife, Maria, comes from the Kennedy family and has a strong background, helping the “Terminator” to sit in the governor’s chair. These things even the crowd know, Chris could not not know.

But love came to block can not stop ah, can not be because of the identity of the girlfriend’s parents, it missed it.

I feel that Star-Lord’s situation and supermodel Karlie Kloss. The KKK married into the Kushner family and became sisters-in-law with Ivanka.


The former “lingerie model” married into the rich family, the style of action has become extra careful. In addition to talking about some female power does not hurt the topic, the other basic shut up, is to avoid bringing trouble and risk to the husband’s family.

Star-Lord is also the same, his identity is a little sensitive and a little embarrassing, not to speak is the best choice.

In addition, Pratt mentioned in the interview “no faction can represent me, I think we should focus on those things that divide us.”


That’s a very good point. Instead of choosing one or the other, we should find a cure for the problem.

Personally, I’m opposed to celebrities fanning the flames to get votes, which is a disguised “faith kidnapping”. The star is just using his influence to get fans to choose the same leaders with him. Once the newcomer to the top of the performance is not satisfactory, the star at most social media trolling a little, joint fan boycott.

But in fact, their careers and income are not affected at all, suffering only those who blindly follow the ordinary fans.


There are also those who compare Star-Lord with the other three Chris’s netizens, who are also watching the hilarity. 2 are single, 1 returned to Australia with his wife and children, leaving only Star-Lord to pull his family home and fight locally.

So he definitely has a more delicate view of the situation and cares more. Not just any battle group support who, Pratt’s approach is very responsible. Not just to his own family, but to the fans who believe in him.

Compared to other top Hollywood stars, Star-Lord is more homely and low-key, and the entertainment pages hardly see him out of any trouble. Even by the paparazzi to follow the shooting, but also to pose a few happy shape to entertain the public. For the role of fat, muscle, but also shows the professional cultivation is good.




If you have to say “black history”, it is estimated that no one in the entertainment industry can not afford to pick deep. The fact that Chris is a devout Christian has to do with how his heart thinks is his freedom. The abandonment and divorce thing is a little unclean, let’s not comment on it.

I agree with Star-Lord’s refusal to attend the fundraising banquet and not to take a casual stance, alone. Not to support A, does not mean that is implicitly support B, netizens a little forced to wear a hat.

The personal position should be clear, the national temperament can not be lost, but does not belong to their own field of things, but also should not cross the line. If you really want to make a contribution and make some changes, then learn from Kanye and run for president!

Otherwise, learn from the little smart guy “Captain America”, after sharing private photos and then run, call for people to vote, but do not tell you who to choose.

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