Iphone Secrets Apple Doesn’t Want You To Know!

The way the iphone has been programmed wonderfully. It is easy to use and has many things. There are a good bit of features that can be done to optimize the system even further than it is now. The following article will provide you with tips for mastering all that the iphone has to offer.

It is not uncommon to drop your phone in the toilet, the toilet or something wet. Rather than using a blow dryer, dry the phone with some paper towel and place it inside a rice filled ziploc bag.

Siri allows you set location-based reminders. You don’t have to tell Siri to remind you to call your work at a specific time. You can also tell Siri to remind you to do something when you get home.The iphone will recognize when you are at the destination and remind you to perform your task. You can still have your reminder if you’re not sure when you’re getting back home.

Getting a larger keyboard makes web browsing simpler. In order to get a bigger keyboard, you don’t even need to purchase one. You can have use of a bigger keyboard by simply rotating your iPhone and going to the address bar in Safari and tapping it. The larger keyboard allows you to have more speed and efficiency when typing.

Protective Screen

A protective screen protector is a wonderful investment for your iphone. Without a protective screen, the phone is likely to sustain damage from every day use. Even tiny pieces of dirt on the fingertip or keys in your pocket will scratch an unprotected screen.

It is not necessary to close out an autocorrect suggestion by pushing the ‘X’ when deleting AutoCorrect suggestions. Just tap somewhere else on the screen anywhere. This automatically closes the fastest way of closing the suggestion box quickly and easily.

Once you know how the volume button can be used to take a photo, try using the headphone cord to snap a picture. Hold your hands steady and once you have the shot lined up, click the button on your cord. The phone isn’t shaken when you do this and your photos will look good.

Use multimedia features on your iPhone’s capabilities.

Have you ever missed out on snapping a great picture because the camera app takes too much time to pop up? Try this quick and easy idea. Tap on the Home button when your screen is locked.A camera icon should be seen close to the bottom on the screen. Tapping this icon will automatically load your camera.

The iphone is an incredibly sophisticated piece of technology. The iphone represents a weighty piece of technology in every aspect. If you use the tips in this article, you will have your iphone optimized so it can be used to its fullest potential.

You can now set location-based reminders through Siri. Instead of telling it to call work at a certain time, you can tell it to remind you to call when you arrive home. You can also ask Siri to give reminders when you arrive or leave a particular place, such as to phone your employer when you arrive at home. Then, once you reach home, Siri will sense it and remind you. This way if you don’t know what time you’re getting home, you can still set a reminder.

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